Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Services


G. Preston Sims, Ph.D. is board certified  and has been conducting forensic mental health assessments for San Diego  Superior Court, San Diego Juvenile Court and private attorney referral  since 1998. He currently conducts a variety of forensic mental health  assessments for private attorneys. He also conducts Sexually Violent  Predator Evaluations for the California Department of State Hospitals  and has done so since 2006. He has specialized training and experience  in a variety of forensic mental health assessment types and related  expert testimony, including sexually violent predator commitment (WIC  6600) criminal responsibility or not guilty by reason of insanity pleas  (Penal Code 1027) and general violence risk assessment (California Penal  Codes 1026 and 2970). 


Dr. Sims is a forensic expert panel  member in San Diego, Los Angeles and Stanislaus counties. He is a member  of the following organizations:

American Psychological Association (Division 41, Forensic Psychology)
California Psychological Association
San Diego Psychological Association
San Diego Psych-Law Society

Dr. Sims is the former co-chair of the  San Diego Psychological Association Forensic Committee and has made  presentations on forensic mental health assessments to the San Diego  Criminal Defense Bar, the San Diego Psych-Law Society and the San Diego  Psychological Association.